Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I know, I know... I've recycled this photo a few times already. But now I can say I once shook the hand of the man who has begun to make significant differences in the history of this country I love so much and the rest of the world. Our New President... Obama.

I remember that day. NCLR's Annual Conference. Miami, Florida. Convention Center, July 2007. I rushed out of the Latina's Brunch where Hillary Clinton was featured. A huge hall, fancy lunch, incredibly Cuban music.

I show up to the hall where Obama was speaking... I was in part scheduled to work that event as well... but truly ended up just experiencing it as a witness. The hall... small, packed, no lunch, no music, a small stage too, no special lighting, no performance. He didn't need much of that to deliver his message, which came clear across.

I remember standing there against a wall, feeling goose pumps all over. The then manager of the convention center came up to me and said- "Oh, there's an Obama fan!", and smiled. He asked "Do you want a picture with him", but it was so loud and tough to hear him... I replied, "Do I want a picture of him?, yes!". He clarified, "No, do you want a picture of you with him?" I smiled big and pronounced an excited yes!

So he walks up to one of Obama's campaign coordinators... I can't remember her name. But they both turned to look at me at a distance. She smiled at me and nodded. Then Erik walks up to me and he says, "O.K. it will happen, just wait for my signal...".

I waited patiently for my turn. There really weren't too many of us back stage. I felt special. I also remember Univison's Teresa Rodriguez, standing there... I was a bit late so I'm not sure what it was that she did or I can't remember... but anyway.

I shook Obama's hand and he was very polite and thanked me for being there. He posed and smiled. I smiled too.

I'm smiling now.

My son Mateo goes about his day singing with excitement, loud and clear, "Bob the Builder, can we fix it? Bob the Builder. Yes we can!"

I am now singing...
"B. Obama... can we fix it? B. Obama. Yes we can!"

Obama our new President!

Photograph by E.P. Neiley
Thank you Erik... for hooking me up. Will you still be my body guard when I am famous? :) One must always keep the faith! :)

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