Sunday, March 09, 2008


Paloma Negra performed during the inauguration of Reynoso Galeria in Sacramento. Hundreds of people walked through the gallery, enjoyed the art work from artists like Ivan Rubio, Leonardo Ceballos and Gustavo Reynoso, among others. Visitors enjoyed wonderful food and drinks and of course, our music!

Thank you, Gus for putting this hot party together. Your gallery is way too cool.

Paloma Negra is busy these days. So many more amazing performances coming up such as The Fleet Feet's Shamrock’n Half-Marathon in Old Sacramento on March 16 at 8:00 a.m. Thank you Brian Fischer for all the help with bookings. And a wonderful event everyone should attend at Zocalo's on March 31 for the Sacramento International Film Festival's after party. Please check out their website under "Festival Guide" and "Special Events" for screenings and after parties.

Also, stay tuned and visit Paloma Negra's
web page for upcoming shows, videos, sound files and news- and of course, the date for our CD Release Party.

Here are some photos from last night's event. Enjoy!


Our handsome Percussionist from Merced, California, Rene Paul Diaz...

Our awesome Guitarist Guillermo Villagomez....

Our quiet but exceptional Guitarist Patricio Morales....

Dominic Garcia, our cool Band Director and Bass player. Love your hair, Dom- oiste!

Our PR Manager (and Beauty Control) - Nevenka y yo.... Thanks for all the help, Nevenka.

The food from Vallejo's Restaurants... was so wonderful, except I didn't have any.... I never eat before a performance- darn! But my boys sure did :) I'll have to take a break and go to Vallejo's for a little lunch one of these days.

The crowd(s)

The Music :)



My dear friends and colleagues JoAnn Penn and Graciela Ramirez from Los Escritores del Nuevo Sol:

This cutie is Mike Simms, our Recording Engineer from Skyrider Studios.

One of the founding members of the cultural collective the RCAF (Royal Chicano Airforce) Juanshi Orosco.

My dear friend Xochitl Arellano. I love this photo!

El guapo Esteban Villa from the RCAF.

Armando Enrique Botello, his lovely wife Leti and friends:

Joseph Paez from Festival de la Familia

La Estrella de la Noche, the incredibly sweet and beautiful Carmela:

There is more to come. I am sending you my heart.