Friday, August 11, 2006


Picture by Saul Escobedo, Mamulique, N.L.
Hello everyone.

To inaugurate my blog, I want to share this video that Saul and I made a few weeks ago. The text comes directly from a poem I wrote and published back in 2001 titled "Cuelgo a mi Cristo". The text was published in Explicación de Textos Literarios, Literary Magazine published by Dr. Fausto Avendaño at Sac State. I am happy to say this video has over 6,000 views on Be sure to check my link (Cuelgo a mi Cristo (video). Saúl's link (Cuelgo a mi cristo) has about 700 views.

Soon enough, I will begin to share a bit of what my life looks like on this side of the border (Texas, USA). After my long absence from this country, almost 8 years invested in a fabulous life in Monterrey, México I am back to pick up where I left off - well, sort of- start from zero or whatever and continue with my work in literature and music aside from making a living. Gotta keep the dreams flowing.

I feel different here I suppose. It wasn't easy coming back and besides, I had never, ever lived anywhere for as long as I lived in Monterrey. But I remember what I was like when I left and look at how much I've changed and I realize it was all worth it.

Now... trying to blend into this absorbing system, complying with a license for this and that, looking for work while I continue to fulfill my need of expression is a major challenge. I look forward to the day when things and life will be balanced again (have they ever been?). In the interim, this is my very own, personal train to the outside world, without having to cross my front door.

As Mike Dooley says "Thoughts become things... choose the good ones". I urge you to choose your thoughts carefully and make the most out of life :)

Thank you for being here.