Monday, May 18, 2009

Gracias a la Vida - Araceli Collazo & Paloma Negra

It's been a while since I've posted anything. I have been gone for over a month doing some shows back home in Sacramento, California but I am now back reorganizing my life, my thoughts, my plans, my projects.

Those six weeks in California during our mini-tour were both a pleasure and a wild adventure. As Dominic Garcia said himself, I feel "bruised" from the bumpy ride, but in the end, the balance is always positive.

I met a great deal of new people. I had an opportunity to be on stage again with Maestro Carlos Caro and Maestro Harold Muniz. As well as many other wonderful musicians that I will write about later.

I have so much material to share, but never enough time to get it out there. This song, original of Violeta Parra, is without a doubt, one of my favorites. I always wanted to put this song together. When Paloma Negra first got together, we manged to arrange it and record it in demo form... and it really was always sweet to do.

In this version, Pepe Charango, from Grupo Tayer (, got me to playing Charango for the first time. So I had only but a little bit of time to work on this song and "Que he sacado con quererte". And yes, I admit, my Charango playing isn't perfect, in fact I made several mistakes that come clearly across during my rendition. But I loved playing it so much I am now inspired to learn to play it well... and more often on stage.

Pepe Charango's arrangement for this version is captivating. It really grows together with the song's intensity and true meaning. I hope you will enjoy and much as I enjoyed. Can you see it on the big smile on my face? This is unquestionably my favorite version out of all the versions we've come up with. Please note that I omitted the first verse, the video begins with the second verse... don't ask why!

I suppose I could say I have much to "cry" about these days. But I am trying hard to focus on the positive and the good and the faith...

Gracias a la vida....