Thursday, July 26, 2007

NCLR Annual Conference in Miami Florida

A little souvenir. Yes Barack Obama himself... Thank you Eric!

Photo Courtesy: E.P. Nealy

While this is not the view from my room at the Radisson, this is a beautiful view taken by Marlene Hawthrone... from her own room.

This was an intense weekend for me and all others attending. The Conference was packed with presentations, luncheons (The Latinas Brunch with Hillary Clinton, etc.), workshops, concerts, exhibits. We attended a great concert with Luis Fonsi on July 22 and the following night a special concert at Bongos Cuban Cafe with Elvis Crespo all to ourselves! It was all very impressive.

I had an opportunity to meet wonderful people from Latino organizations based in different cities and states. I am very fortunate to have been there, to share and learn, but most importantly- to serve.

Here is a great picture taken by my friend and colleague, Marlene Hawthrone. I only wish you could see this man's beautiful face. So sweet and gentle. Thank you, Marlene!

Photo Courtesy: Marle Hawthrone

Here are a couple of other pictures I've received from a colleague in Miami. I will share more as they come.

Unfortunately I left my camara behind in Sacramento and had no chance of taking any pictures myself. My only option was my cell phone. I'll share those as soon as I am able to download them from its memory :)

These pictures are also from the Naturalization Workshop we held on Saturday, July 21, 2007 at the Convention Center. Nearly 500 people participated in the workshop. It was an amazing thing. The second one is a picture of Luis Cerros from Democracia USA.

Thanks to Julio, Luis Cerros, Rudy and my new primo Rafael Collazo from Democracia USA for their hospitality during the Naturalization Training in preparation for the Workshop.

Photos Courtesy Democracia USA

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