Saturday, December 09, 2006

O.K. so I'm sick. I started feeling a bit odd during this past week, then I came down with a horrible flu. I completely lost my voice. Saul brought from the Co-op a few goodies to help me feel better. Among other things, he brought "Throat Comfort" by Yogi Tea. It was a nice suprise because this is a tea particularly good for singers and public speakers. Hmm... so I open the box and printed in the interior I found this beautiful poem. Enjoy! And visit their web page:

Oh my soul
you come and you go
Through the paths
of time and space.

In useless play
you'll not find the way
So set yourself free and go.

Sing such a song
with all your light
You will never
have to sing again.

Love such a one
with all your heart
You will never have to love again.

Walk such a path
with all your faith
You will never have to wander again.

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