Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The coming and going during these past two-three weeks has actually taken my focus away from this "condition" I have been enduring. A cold, the flu or walking pneumonia, as my sister suggests, what ever it is, doesn't really matter. I have been busy, it's been an intense month, anyway. I am alive!

Since the end of November, I have prepared for an audition with InnerSoul. I made it to the audition on a Tuesday night in late November and the very next morning, I received the wonderful news. I was in. I am now part of this incredible band and my life couldn't be better. I am smiling. I performed with InnerSoul for the first time on Friday, December 15 at the Rancho Murieta Country Club. Maybe some day I will tell the story. All I can say now is that I am happy to be a part of such an incredible team of musicians- artists. Genuine people with genuine gifts from heaven: Bill Meyer- Guitar; Al Alvarado, Drums, Anthony Maynard- Lead Vocals and Guitar; Rey Jugo- Keyboards; Marla Major- Lead Vocals; Oliver Camilo- Percussions; Mel Burton- bass; Ralph Gorden- Sax and of course, me singing my Latin heart out. We are performing again on New Year's Eve at the Hilton Hotel in Sacramento.

Despite the challenges, I can feel the blessings pouring down on me. Who said I can't have it all? If people only knew and believed that there is indeed enough in the Universe for everyone... that there can be balance in our life. Thank you, David Childerley for your precious time, your care and generosity!

And speaking of artists, it is my pleasure to share with you this incredible drawing by my beloved Saul, my dear friend/boyfriend/husband of 10 years. I suppose he was inspired by my first performance with InnerSoul, he truly knows nothing makes me feel as wonderful as singing. Add a group of musicians like the ones I just introduced and the result is pure magic. Is this what I look like to him? Yikes! Enjoy this beatiful drawing.

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